Custom Furniture

Here at we like anything that we think is cool, so with that we have taken on the world of furniture! Our first project has been a coffee table designed to look like an old Nintendo NES control pad.As far as we know, this is the world’s first proper Nes control pad coffee table! The table has been made to the exact scale of an actual NES pad with everything in proportion. This piece has been painstakingly put together by a team of craftsmen as a special project (the same great team who make our hoverboards!). It features accurate computer cut vinyl graphics on top with 3d buttons and d-pad. The glass top is 10mm toughened (Fully British Standards compliant) custom cut specifically for this table. It took literally weeks to finish and is the coolest coffee table we’ve ever seen. In one of the pics there’s an actual NES pad on the table, to give you an idea of size.We will be making all kinds of cool furniture (and anything cool we can think of!) in future so please keep checking the site for updates. Also, if anyone has any design ideas they’d like making a reality we’d be happy to help, feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you asap.The next piece of furniture to be made? Well what kitchen is complete without little droid? That’s right, it’s a custom made R2D2 pedal bin! Designed using detailed plans to the spec of the original prop R2D2 (edited to accommodate the size to be a functional bin, with a few design flares of course!). The is a full size bin, completely functional, stainless steel construction with custom designed graphics.

Some kind words from site’s talking about our table (click the links to read the full articles)

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“It’s the ultimate in cool geeky furniture” –

“Finally, you can have at least a piece of your furniture to look like a giant NES controller and fill up your living space with geeky atmosphere” –

“arguably the coolest coffee table ever” –

“you best get a move on if you want to grab this thing for less than a fortune” –

“I can only assume that this guy is selling this because he got married, congratulations!” –

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